Collage > Frieze

7 x 5 in.

Frieze is a set of 25 collages incorporating reproductions from Eugene Strong’s book, Roman Sculpture. Curator and writer Evelyn B. Leong describes these works as a process of historical revision: “A natural progression has occurred in Beube’s work in manipulating images by tearing the paper of reproductions from offset lithography through the process of collage. In his effort to find a more spiritual approach to history, and inspired by the tragic events of war, both past and present…Frieze relies on a cacophony of art historical images, personal meanings, and social taboos. Like [the] altered book series, these ideas are multi-layered and resist singular meaning and categorization. The beauty of viewing classical sculpture torn apart in Frieze is at the heart of this series and acts as the foundation for the telling of history. We have learned that history needs rewriting and what we once deemed beautiful is now horrifyingly grotesque. Everything is hidden and obvious all at once and with effort, the invisible in history can be brought to light.”