Doug Beube

Doug Beube: Wash is an installation at the Performance Arcade in Wellington, NZ from February 26 - March 1, 2020

The Biblioclast: Introduction

Through altered bookwork, collage, mixed media, paper, photography, and sculpture, my work explores the book itself, a seemingly antiquated technology that is still purposeful in a digital age. I apply quasi-software functions such as cutting, pasting and hypertext onto an analog system; it does not work it cannot. The codex is intractable as a technology; restricted from interacting with it by not altering its inevitable course, you read linearly from beginning to end. It is essentially inflexible. That is its built-in personality flaw; that is its elegance.

Doug Beube: Breaking the Codex is a monograph about the artist's work, with several essays by critics, curators and writers.

Masked Wisdom and Masked Information
altered dictionary, marble, metal, wood