Doug Beube
Dis/connecting the Reality of Old Glory

altered book, collage, gouache, ink, graphite, dyed zippers
12 1/2 x 30 x 2 in.
In all, I search for words in the texts of the original books, Old Glory: An American Voyage, by Jonathan Raban and Language: A Modern Synthesis, by Joshua Whatmough, that creates broken sentences or a concrete poem. The pages that unfold with zippers is from the book, The Gilded Dinosaur, by Mark Jaffee.

The books can be read either as flat or three-dimensional. When all the pages are zipped the book stands upright and can be read from any direction. When turned on its side with all the pages zipped, a concertina or accordion configuration is apparent.

The pages are altered individually. Each drawing is filled with inked ellipses, over top of which a penciled outline has blended the shadows into the paper to create a gradation of tones. The dyed zippers allows the reader to know the history of the actions taken if pages are reconfigured, just as in the software program, Photoshop, in which the history of cutting and pasting is recorded.
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