Doug Beube
Seed Books: Beyond Words
Rochester, NY

alfalfa seed, straw pulp, wood frame, mirror, plastic figures, altered book, bamboo matts
sizes variable
Mixing straw pulp with a variety of shredded paper and a quantity of alfalfa seed produces, when watered, an eventual organic growth that thrives and rots in a cycle of its own. In this strange vitalism, these books are meant to connect more directly to life as we live it. Topical themes from the print media are a primary source of inspiration for these books. By incorporating pertinent sections of newspaper clippings, collages and objects into my works, I transform them in expressive social and political statements. Some of the themes addressed are AIDS, the homeless, nuclear disasters in the global environment, and race issues.

The images of the wooden stand document four pieces in my Seed Sprout series in their sprouting and decaying states. The works are entitled (clockwise from upper left): Creation by Evolution, Resistance, Extinct Species, and Seed Bed.

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