Doug Beube
Lake Keosaugua

silver gelatin print, thread, ribbon, Plexiglas case
55 x 55 in. [image size]
Lake Keosauqua challenges spatial perception through fragmenting one overall large photographic image into sixty 8-by-10 inch prints that have been variously reversed and resorted, then stitched back-to-back and bound together with ribbons. On one side, we see the landscape turned upside down through the lens of a large magnifying glass held up to the horizon, while on the other side, we see the landscape appearing to pour out of the lens. The magnifying glass refers both to the optics of photography and the liquid process of the medium. Photography and the nature of human vision is also connoted in the relationship between the two sides of the piece, that is, the optics and the fluidity of reversing the world through lenses.
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