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A comic book, Walt Disney’s The Beagle Boys vs. Uncle Scrooge, No. 5, July 1979, was my first departure from photojournalism into working with existing imagery and collage. Using a surgeon’s blade, I meticulously cut out sections of background in the cartoon scenes on every recto page, an endeavor of many hours that was both painstaking and tedious. The verso images (this page) thus appear randomly excised, while the figures on the recto page (opposite) now seem to float in space, as the underlying cartoon pages become a default backdrop. The synthesis of the upper and lower pages is constantly shifting, unlike a photograph, which collapses space and is fixed. Turning the pages creates arbitrary scenes and shadows that interact with the remaining figures in a continuous reanimation of the formerly static images.

Beagle Boys vs Uncle Scrooge
Beagle Boys vs Uncle Scrooge
altered comic book
10 1/8 x 6 5/8 in.