Doug Beube
Disaster series: Twister

altered phone books
7 x 20 x 1/2 ft.
To view video click here: Disaster series: Twister

Large portions of a text block, with thousands of residential and business names, from both White and Yellow Pages of a metropolitan phone book are cut away. Parts of it are selectively removed, allowing the spine to be flexible, making it easy to manipulate, by physically twisting or contorting the book into different shapes. When a number of phone books are seen in an installation, the chunky white and yellow books with black calligraphic like script appear to be floating across a vertical plane. They seem to be frozen in time as if a still photograph was taken of the books. Each book resembles a bird flying off balance caught in mid air, a humorous wizard’s hat or tornado called ‘twisters’ spinning out of control.
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