Doug Beube
Disaster series: Twisted Borough

altered phone book
14 x 15 x 5 in.
Selective parts of a metropolitan yellow phone book, with thousands of residential and business names are cut away. Sections of the text block and the spine of the book are removed making it flexible allowing the pages to be manipulated into different forms. When mounted on the wall the book appears to be floating across a horizontal plane, as if a photograph of a bird caught it off balance flying in a storm, a collapsed wizard’s hat, even a hurricane or tornado spinning out of control. The deep cuts in the book reveals striations of black ink for the print and colored bands for the columns on the pages transforming them into a soft fabric. Pulled into a fixed position for a tabletop, the book appears to be stressed, reminiscent of circus contortionists that morph their bodies into seemingly impossible positions or toys that transform themselves into fantastic architectural shapes
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