Doug Beube
Seamen, Seemen, Semen: JFK

altered book
11 1/2 x 30 x 1/2 in.
The three volumes of Seamen, Seemen, Semen: JFK make up a portrait of the 35th American president, who was known for his dedicated service and bravery in the Navy during World War II. The first altered book was a pictorial biography of JFK called Four Days. The second was a book of female nudes called Figure Studies that, by association, implicates the president with his extramarital sexual exploits. The third altered volume, formerly a book in a Time-Life series on World War II, alludes to the sailors who fought heroically and includes some of Kennedy’s achievements. The three books can be arranged in different sequences depending on the viewer’s editorial preferences. The homophonic titles are meticulously cut into and through each book with a scroll saw.
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